The video game market has changed a lot since this form of entertainment became popular in every country. In the past, games bought primarily on CDs, which were later often lent to relatives and friends. Every computer player who grew up in the first decade of the XXI century certainly remembers piles of boxes with CDs that were piling up on a desk or shelf and chatting for the moment when the desired production appears on sale in a promotion or is joined to one of the then-popular game magazines.

Since then many changes have taken place.

Although of course games on physical media still sell very well and have a large group of supporters, their main sale has moved to the Internet, where the game is purchased in the form of code allowing to run the installation program. Platforms such as Steam, GOG, or Origin have made this form of selling games very popular. There is no denying that it has a lot of positive effects. You can buy a game at any time and enjoy it immediately.

Besides that, the shelves collapsed with boxes are gone – now you can give up the physical media completely or reserve them for production, which, for example, are the most important for us personally. All the rest can wait for us in the virtual library. After purchasing the game, we can download it and run it on any computer where we log on to our platform. In addition, the digital sale of games is environmentally friendly – the less plastic plates are produced and sold, the less polymer goes into the water and soil.

Sometimes, however, your head hurts from the tabernacle. The choice of platforms on which to buy games is now so large that it is sometimes difficult to find and choose the most profitable offer. This is where various price comparison engines come in handy, and the best one is definitely GG Deals.

What distinguishes GG.Deals?

This is a universal price engine that searches and aggregates offer from dozens of different platforms and stores, helping you to choose the most profitable one. You don’t have to go through a lot of sites anymore, wondering how to save the most money on buying a game – GG.Deals’ tips can be trusted. It compares the prices of keys to Steam, Uplay, Origin, Battlenet, and other platforms, searching for them across the network. And not only that – thanks to its wide product catalog, divided by types and genres, GG.Deals also help you to discover new games. You can find a variety of really different productions, from top-notch games from major manufacturers to independent, often unique productions. And all this at the best price.

The comparison engine also allows you to create personalized wish lists so we can keep track of how the prices of our coveted games are changing. Thanks to it, we can purchase not only productions that have been on the market for some time, but also complete novelties and titles available only in advance. The site also has the latest news about discounts or sales and allows you to participate in giveaways from time to time.

Creating an account on the site gives you even more benefits and is not complicated; GG.Deals allow you to log in with your Steam account. Nevertheless, it is in no way related to Valve, so you can be sure that its indications will always be objective and calculated to bring you the greatest benefit. Don’t wait and look for your dream game through GG.Deals today.